Locker Rooms… More Like Slowly Killing Our Honor Rooms

How would you feel if you had just finished a grueling morning practice, headed to to take a shower, but saw that they weren’t clean, were being used as stored space, and didn’t work properly? Now you can’t shower before your school day starts and you have to scramble to figure out how to maintain proper hygiene throughout the day.  This is reoccurring problem for many athletes.

If you are an athlete at our high school then you might of noticed the awful condition the locker rooms are in, specially the girls locker room. For example, if you were to walk into the girl’s locker rooms you would be surprised with what our athletes are expected to excel in. Certain problems include: stalls that don’t close properly or at all, showers in awful conditions, sinks that properly work on occasion, and little storage room or lockers for sports equipment and book bags.

Showers in the girls locker rooms are currently being used as a storage room for trash cans. Both locker rooms are in lack of any dividers or stalls for the showers, like we are expected to take showers next to each other without any to separate us. One senior even said, “The showers almost look like prison showers.” One of many examples of why this is a big concern is sports that have practices or open gyms before school, have no time to go home, but need to take a shower before their school day begins. One student had shared a recurring coping method where football players are taking showers in their underwear at a last attempt to get clean and avoid embarrassment.

Out Winfield athletic program is growing and developing and with that comes more athletes. Athletes that are expected to cram into the small locker rooms that seem to get smaller as we bring in more new athletes.

While I was working on putting together this article, another student said, “I’m glad when they (visiting schools) come to play here they at least use they boys’ locker room.” This brings up the concern that the boys’ locker rooms are slightly better. To defend this one student told me told a lizard was found in the locker room. How gross it that? Also, the locker room is one of the first visual representations any visiting team has of our school. Therefore, do we really want other schools to continue to see us this way? 

In conclusion, it would benefit a lot of people if improvements and/or awareness was brought to our school locker rooms.  One might ask how we can improve these conditions; some suggestions include: fundraising or finding a sponsor to have money to make the conditions better, finding a place to storage the things that are currently being stored in the locker rooms, and improving on some small things that make a big difference. These little things include new locks and a deep clean of the locker rooms. The conditions our locker rooms are in should be a big concern and together we can improve the athletes’ situation.

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