Breaking Bad: Series Retrospective – The Greatest Dramatic Series of All Time

Vince Gilligan: Writer, Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Showrunner of AMC’s Breaking Bad. Vince had an idea, Turn Mr. Chips into Scarface. What did he do? Exactly that. In Breaking Bad’s five seasons they accomplished more than any show has ever done. Built megastars of the relatively unknown cast members, got nominated for 58 Emmy’s and won 16.

For over five years we watched as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) established himself as one of the greatest actors working today. Aside Anna Gunn as Skyler White, Their son Walt Jr. played by R.J. Mitte, and possibly the best supporting character ever put on a tv screen. Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman. Paul was an actor known for appearing in cereal commercials, acting as an extra, and and his performance as a contestant on The Price is Right.

Paul and Cranston lead Breaking Bad with impeccable performances, with a supporting cast that held their own in every single episode. Over five seasons we see Walter White sacrifice everything after he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. Walt devolves from the mild-mannered chemistry teacher into Heisenberg, one of the most vindicating characters ever put on a screen. His plan is simple, use his knowledge of chemistry, and his connections with prior student Jesse Pinkman, who knows the business end of the drug world, to sell crystal meth and make enough money for his treatment costs, and for his family to live off of after he’s gone. Walt comes to find, that not only is he good, but he can also create some of the purest product on the market, and on a nationwide scale.

Gilligan never knew how Breaking Bad would end, and with the team of writers and producers at hand, they crafted one of the most beautifully dark stories of all time. Making you root for the most evil character imaginable. Watching as Walt betrays everyone who loves him, yet you still find yourself siding with him.

Breaking Bad is a must-watch for anyone who likes a good story. Intriguing writing, expert camera work, and stellar performances all work together to provide one of the most enthralling stories of all time. By the end, Walter had cemented himself as the greatest villain in TV history. Not only was he evil, he was a businessman, but he wasn’t in the meth business, nor the money business, but the empire business. He liked what he did, and he was good at it.

Breaking Bad’s five seasons are all on Netflix, and the spin-off prequel Better Call Saul is also on Netflix. Breaking Bad’s spin-off movie El Camino will release on Netflix on October 11th, detailing the life of the characters after the riveting series finale.

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