Do We Really Have It That Bad?

Have you ever heard someone complain about our school? Are you one of the people who complain about it? Have you ever said, or heard a friend make a negative comment towards our school? Many of these comments which may consist of, “our school is poor,” or, “our school is a dump,” are not true statements and are more of a matter of opinion when comparing ourselves to larger schools. 

Although, yes, our school is considerably smaller than many of our surrounding schools, our school is still a great school. School size should not play a part in the way we view our school because when it comes down to it, if you view a school as “poor” or “trashy” in relation to its size, then there are probably more schools in this world than less you would view as “poor” or “trashy”. In addition to this, why would the city construct a massive school, that has all the amenities a school would ever need, if only five-hundred children would attend it? Besides, it isn’t the size which makes the school great but what’s going on within its walls.

Within the walls of a small school like ours, many on the outside would probably jump to conclude there is not anything special or worth recognizing going on on the inside, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Within our very own Winfield High School, not only are the teachers great, but we also have got various clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from just as the larger schools do. But, there’s still one thing about Winfield High School that stands out more than anything else, and that is the sense of community within our school. Smaller schools, like ours, bring a greater sense of community and closeness. Because our school only has between merely 450 and 500 students total, (on average about 120 students per class) everyone knows each other pretty well. This school year is only my second school year attending Winfield High School and if I had to take an accurate guess, I would say I already know more people than less in the school. Another contributor to a great sense of community within smaller schools is, due to the fact pretty much everyone knows just about every person they go to school with, everyone seems to be more involved. There are so many students and families at Winfield High School that are always volunteering to contribute and help the school whether its volunteering to go all the way out to New York City for a choir and band trip, or volunteering to donate a trailer for the homecoming parade. When it comes to a great sense of community, Winfield High School has it.

In addition to Winfield having more to offer within than people on the outside would probably jump to assume, Winfield High School is, actually, a rather new school building. With this being said , all the classrooms, commons, and the gymnasium are all up to date and in good condition. When it comes to classroom quality, during sporting events there are times the schools we play at do not provide a locker room, and ,instead, send us to a classroom to put all of our baggage in. These classrooms we are put in sometimes surprise me and show me how great we really do have it. It’s not that the classrooms they put us in are completely falling apart, it’s more just, our classrooms appear to be more up to date and many times just more lively or well decorated . Our high school commons/cafeteria are also a great place to be with the high ceilings and its clean look. Our gym is one thing we should all be very proud of as well. In the past, our gym had always been in good condition and had always looked nice even when being compared to large schools’ gyms. But, this year, our school laid out a new floor, repainted the walls, and bought new mats for our gym, and now our gym is something that everyone who goes to Winfield High School should be very proud of. Our school is something we should not take for granted, and we should all appreciate even the little things within our very own Winfield High School.

Winfield High School Commons

In conclusion, we all need to start seeing the good within our school rather than the bad because we really do have it very good here at Winfield High School. Of course, our school isn’t going to have as many amenities as some of these other, larger, schools. Those other schools have got between one-thousand and two-thousand students, and sometimes even more than that, while we are sitting between 450 and 500 students. A small school isn’t a bad thing though, it’s actually a great thing! Those larger schools don’t have the same involved community as ours does and everyone is closer in a small school like ours. And, last, just because our school isn’t large in population doesn’t mean the school building itself is terrible. Our school building is actually nicer than some of the larger schools I’ve seen! So, if you ever hear someone say, or get the urge to say something negative about our school, just try and remember how good we actually have it. There isn’t any other school I would rather go to.

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