One Starting Over Another

Playing a sport takes time, takes dedication, takes effort, being a teammate, and most importantly you have to show that you want to be there and show that you want to be playing. When playing a sport your coach will be looking for those five things at the top of the list. You will learn as you get older that you are going to have to put in work 110% everyday, no matter your age. If your a senior or junior that does not give you a definite starting position on a team. Freshman and sophomores have just as much of an opportunity to have a starting position as you do. Just because you are older or an ¨upper¨ class men does not mean you should automatically have a starting position or a better chance than they have. If a younger class men is putting in more work, shows more effort, and shows more interest than you then they should come before you. You have to earn your spot, it should not be given. Nothing in life comes free, you have to work for everything.

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