Underappreciated of the Week- Janitors

Photo By: Yosani Ibarra

The whole class is watching. The teacher already warned others not to throw their paper balls towards the trash, but you’re different. You’re going to make it. You wipe the sweat from your brow and you line up your shot, waiting for the teacher to turn their back. You take the shot. The blood pounding in your ears is almost deafening, this is life or death. It’s going strong, but the thing is, you suck at basketball so you miss. To save yourself from the embarrassment of picking up your missed shot, you leave that crumpled up paper on the ground. 

But consider this, someone has to pick that paper up at the end of the day. Someone needs to clean up all of the broken dreams covering our highschool floor, and that duty rests on the shoulders of our janitors. At Winfield High we have a janitor staff of four, with the responsibility of cleaning six bathrooms, two locker rooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a main office and an AD office, a library, a choir room, a band room, an art room, two computer labs, and thirty-two separate classrooms. If you thought that was a lot to read, imagine having to clean it all with three other people. 

Our staff starts work at approximately six fifteen in the morning, staff as in ONE person, and switches with the night crew around two. The night crew stays until eight every night making sure the school is clean for the morning “crew”. Each day starts and ends the same for these hard working individuals. But who has actually considered what would happen if they didn’t show up for work? 

For instance, if we didn’t have someone cleaning and restocking the bathrooms, you would have to wait until you got home everyday to relieve yourself. Or you would have to walk through dirt and muck in the hallways to get to classes. You would have to step over squashed and molded food in the cafeteria each day, and sit down at a table with crusted food spilled on it. Not very appetising is it? 

These hard working men and women show up for work everyday and do their best to keep our school clean and safe for students. They work hard cleaning up after us and deserve a huge thank you from each student and teacher whose messes they clean each day. 

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