Senior Legacies: Stanley (Ryan)Altman

Picture by: Unknown

This is Stanley(Ryan) Altman. He is the son of Mike and Nettie Altman. He has 2 brothers, he also has 2 dogs named savage and susie.

The legacy Stanley wants to leave behind is to have left a positive impact on at least one persons life.

He plans on going to college at Mizzou.When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years he said Small town living, hopefully with a wife and two kids, four dogs, working as a teacher here at Winfield High school.

Something interesting about Stanley is he was the first student from Winfield to ever make it to national FFA choir.

Here are some of his favorite things:

   -His favorite food is chicken alfredo

   -His favorite song is baby shark

   -His favorite movie is the longest ride

   -His favorite TV show is Criminal minds

   -His favorite Teacher was Mrs.Himmel

   -His favorite thing to do on friday nights is stand under the friday night lights at the football games.

   -His favorite activity is singing

   -His favorite subject in school is Lunch

   -His favorite superhero is Superman

When asked if he had any advice for students here at Winfield high school he said “Be yourself don’t ever let anyone put you down.”

He also wanted to shout out to Mrs. Nafziger our wonderful choir teacher

Picture found on instagram

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