Oh nO sInCerITy !!

I know you’ve seen that “picture perfect” couple on social media or in a movie at least 100 times, and if you’re anything like me you scoff and roll your eyes because that seems simply not realistic, or you’re that small percentage who still believes that there is actually such thing. If you are that person that has hope you’ll find your soulmate in high school I’m about to burst your bubble. I’m not here to rant about how there’s “no such thing as love” or how “good guys don’t exist anymore” because I do believe in love and I do believe there’s good guys out there, but the probability of finding a guy in high school who is willing to pick a good thing over a good time is very unlikely. Guys nowadays are too worried about impressing others to be left a little vulnerable to something as horrifying as rejection. Everyone is too busy thinking they are Jay-Z or some “quirky” new mumble rapper to be bothered by a thing called sincerity. I’m just trying to figure out why guys don’t approach girls with a sincere smile on their face, introduce themselves and start up a conversation that doesn’t involve sex.

There is only one other route to examine and that is insecurity or lack of self-esteem. It’s the feeling this girl sitting across from you would never in a million years go for someone like you. It’s the fear of rejection, the fear of being made a fool of, the fear of your pride being hurt. I also believe guys are really self-conscious about what people around them think. That’s one explanation for the reason a guy is unwilling to hit on a girl if he is alone and she is with friends. To actually approach a girl you have to open up a little and be slightly exposed. This is uncomfortable to do if you are trying to get a girl’s phone number and her friends are standing by snickering at your attempt to hit on this girl. It’s a much easier process if it’s one-on-one or at least group-on-group.

My point in this article is YES girls still want to hear those cheesy pick up lines, feel those butterflies, taken out on planned dates (not “ride with me to the dam and we’ll do burnouts”..that doesn’t count) and most importantly girls really just want to be feel special. Give it your best shot and ask that girl out, feel vulnerable, and never stop trying when you finally get her.

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.  ”  George Halas

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