toilet talk…

Argument 1: We are teenagers, some of us adults, we all know by now when our bodies need to relieve themselves and we should be able to take care of that natural function whenever necessary. No teacher or principal has the right to tell us when we can and can’t use the restroom, it’s our bodies, not theirs. Most teachers have agreed that this rule is ridiculous. We know when we need to go!

Argument 2: Already, before the email from Mr. Alderson was sent out, there is a line in the bathroom by the AD’s office during passing period. At least in the girl’s bathroom that is. Now that all 400 students have to go to the bathroom within 4 minutes, that is going to make the line even longer. So you mean to tell us we have to walk in the clustered hallway to the bathroom, most likely wait in a line, use the restroom, wash and dry our hands in the air dryer because we don’t have paper towels, stop by our locker to get binders for the next class, then walk to the next class in the clustered hallway all in 4 minutes? That’s practically impossible! And you can’t use the excuse “well go to the other bathrooms”, because depending on your class locations, walking all the way to the commons or end of the senior hallway takes just as much time as waiting in a line. It’s not fair that people are going to get tardies to class because they only get 4 minutes to do all of that. 

Argument 3: We aren’t always just peeing real fast. Bathroom functions are never fun to talk about but this needs to be addressed. Yes, when you just need to pee it usually doesn’t take too long to do that. However, that’s not the only thing the body has to get rid of. We all have to go number 2, especially after breakfast and lunch. Sometimes, depending on your body and what you have taken in that day, it takes more than just one or two minutes. Remember Mr. Alderson and teachers, not everyone functions the same as you. Just because you can go fast doesn’t mean everyone else can. 

Argument 4: Now it’s girl talk. Have you heard of periods? Well incase you forgot, that’s when girls bleed once a month from their lady area and I promise you we don’t know when she decides to pop in for her monthly visit. You don’t know when or where but when she comes you better take care of that right away. No girl should have to be embarrassed with pant stains because the teacher can’t let them go or have to announce to the teacher in front of everyone that they are on their period just to prove its an emergency. Also, have you heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome? The rare but deadly disease caused when a girl leaves her tampon in too long. Possibly because the teachers never let her leave class to take it out and she didn’t have time to do it between classes because it can be a time-consuming process? Well, all I have to say is it would be a shame if a fellow student was hospitalized or died because she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom. 
Argument 5: Constantly holding your pee can cause UTI’s and Kidney Infections. UTI’s are a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. The way the body prevents that is by urinating frequently throughout the day. If us students are holding our bladder all day since we don’t have time to pee, it can cause a build-up of bacteria over time and make us prone to a UTI. Kidney Infections are not something to mess around with either. They can cause serious body complications. The bladder is connected to your kidneys by ureters. When you hold in your pee the bladder fills up and urine can back into the kidneys. This is extremely bad for your kidneys, especially if you already have bacteria in your urine from a UTI, and it puts you at high risk of a kidney infection. 

Argument 6: I’m sure the reason for this new rule is to limit class distractions and keep kids from leaving class to Juul in the bathroom. I promise you, if a student is in pain trying to hold it in class or keep from peeing their pants, that is way more distracting than just leaving real quick. As for Juuling, you’re not stopping it at all. Most kids that juul just do it in class anyway since it’s super easy to hide and it takes 5 seconds to hit a Juul real quick. They will just pop their head in the bathroom or their locker during passing period anyways. I promise you this rule is not going to help prevent Juuling at all. 

In conclusion, this rule is ridiculous. All it’s doing is causing students stress, pain, and embarrassment. Whatever your motive is with the rule, I promise you’re not going to accomplish it, just cause more problems. 

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