College of the Week: Truman State University


Truman State University is a public institution. Truman helps students secure their post- college plans. The amount of students in each class is very small, but students will be easy to connect with.

General Info:

100 East Normal Avenue, Kirksville,MO 63501-4221

Phone #: 800-892-7792


Cost and Aid:

Undergraduate cost(Missouri Resident): $7,796

Undergraduate cost (Non-Missouri Resident): $14,990

Graduate cost(Missouri Resident)(per credit hour): $381.50

Graduate cost(Non-Missouri Resident)(per credit hour): $660.50

Financial aid is available for students and Truman State does allow A + students.

Student Life:

Truman State University provides more than 230 clubs and organizations to improve students’ leadership skills. Also, there are sports available for students. Truman offers sororities, and fraternities for students to join, and have a lot of majors and minors students can enroll in.


98% of Freshmen live on campus in Truman’s residence halls

71% of students are involved in two or more student organizations

35% of students go on to a graduate or professional degree

370 students come to Truman from 50 different countries


If you are interested in this college, please contact Mrs. Bauer, or Ms. Norman.


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