Homework: A Problem That Needs To Be Solved

Time is problematic for so many high school students. Whether it’s the time to do what we want to do, or if it’s time to complete the homework given to us, time is an issue. There are so many nights ,myself, among many other high school students, get home and have nothing but hours of homework to accomplish before having the night to ourselves. There are even some instances where I will have to complete homework on weekends… the time which we are given to relax and forget about all the stress school may bring upon us. Although homework may be meant as a way to help us practice and review information, as it fulfills its intended purpose, it also robs students of their own time.

Homework does truly make it difficult to be an involved student. Whether it’s being involved in clubs, or being involved in sports, when homework gets added into the mix, it makes it really difficult to balance clubs and sports with homework. For the sports end of things, there are some times the sports teams don’t get back to school from their sporting event until eight or even nine, so, when you have got a stack of homework due the very next day, it makes it very difficult to complete homework without staying up all night. And, yes, sometimes finishing homework on the bus rides to and from these sporting events may work… but that’s only if your homework is actually tangible. Most of our homework is given to us online which only works with Wi-Fi. So, until buses get Wi-Fi on them, which will most likely not be happening, students may just be stuck averaging three and a half hours of sleep every night due to the amount of homework they have to complete.

Homework is also a huge reason students feel so stressed as they venture through high school. What many teachers probably do not think about as they assign homework is the fact that many of the other teachers the students have throughout the day also assign homework. So, by the end of the day, students may have one to two homework assignments from each class which can add up, especially when you sometimes have eight class periods a day like our high school does. School is already roughly seven hours long, so most students would agree seven hours of school plus two hours of homework isn’t doing anything but bringing school to our homes and causing us to become even more stressed out than we were initially.

Another thing homework does is, it stops us from getting to do the things teenagers are just meant to do. After seven hours of school, students want to go home and enjoy doing something other than more school. If we are just going to do two more hours of school work when we get home, why don’t we just have two hours added to our school day? I mean, we’re basically having two additional hours of school when we get home anyways due to homework. When students get home, we want to hang out with friends or sometimes have a little time with the family. Of course, we could just not do the homework, but in doing so we will not pass out classes so homework basically leaves us with no choice but to give up our few hours a day we actually get to ourselves and just do some more of what we had previously done for seven hours that very same day.

Of course, there has to be a solution to this “time stealer”. Maybe teachers can give students a little more time to complete the homework assignment in class? Or maybe we can get more days to work on the assignments? Not assigning as much would definitely help with our stress levels and would be very much appreciated merely due to the fact that we would have time to have our own lives so everything would not revolve around waking up, going to school, possibly sports, homework, and going to bed. Honestly, students might even try harder on homework if they receive less because in doing so, students would not feel the rush to finish all of their many homework assignments before the due date, and would ,in turn, put more time and effort into each assignment.

Homework may be meant to play a positive role in our lives by helping us prepare for quizzes and tests, but in its path, it robs us of our free time and only adds stress to our lives every day. The amount of homework we receive should be reduced so we can focus on other aspects of life besides only the things in relation to school. Homework is an issue many people don’t take seriously, but it is a problem, and we should search for a solution.

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