Is plastic saving or destroying our world?

Courtesy of Google.

Plastic could be saving and destroying our world at the same time. How? You may ask. Well plastic is saving our world because it is helping with the food waste that we are producing and throwing away. The average American makes a little less than five pounds of trash a day. Most of this is food waste, or food that we do not use and do not compost. I recommend composting so it will reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. On the other hand plastic is also destroying our planet because it does not biodegrade and the plastic we use will never go away fully. Even if the plastic does, ̈biodegrade ̈  there are still little tiny pieces called micro-beads. These micro-beads are in our oceans, sand, some of our beauty and cleaning supplies we use today. My opinion on this is that its destroying our world. Even though it may save some food waste plastic will always be here. At least you will be able to compost the organic matter that is in the plastic, but the wrapping around the food will be our planet Earth for infinity. This is very opinionated, so which is it? Does plastic save? Or destroy our world? 

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