Pizza Combos and Chocolate Milk at Midnight

What I say might not be particular

What I say might be a trigger

 What I need to say I can’t articulate 

What I need is for you to wait

Wait for me to catch my breath

Wait for me to rest

Rest my heart that’s been overworked

Rest my soul that doesn’t know when to work

Working through the pain that stains

Stains my brain with your ignorance

Well, ignorance is bliss

Maybe that’s why I wait

Wait to make a change

Wait to save myself from the pain

But, maybe I need to wait

Wait for the day the pain fades

Wait to use my voice to make the change that’ll end all the pain

Maybe it’s the pain that I crave

So familiar, it made me its slave

We’re all slaves to the pain

Its a driving force

Forcing us to change our ways

For fear of feeling things

Things that crawl into your brain

Or worse yet, what crawl out of your brain

Or out of your soul

The deepest darkest parts

Parts that you want to hide and keep from others

But those are your parts

Your personal pain

The pain that’s constantly there

Constantly trying to wear you down

Down down down you go

Spiralling as you go

Taking others with you

Because it’s lonely and you’re scared to be there

It’s dark and you’re scared

There’s no air

There’s no way out

All you want is to come back up

To go back to the others

But you’re scared of the others

Because they might sense your pain

Or make more pain

And you can’t take more pain

You’re past your limit

Limits are there for a reason

You’re past your season

You need to rest

Your body and your mind

Take your time

The pains going to be there waiting for you

This was written for National Depression Screening Day. It is held annually to help educate, raise awareness, and screen individuals for common behavioral and mental disorders and suicide.

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