El Camino: Review

courtesy of Netflix

El Camino is an interesting movie, in that it’s for a specific demographic. El Camino is a spinoff-sequel to Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is without contest my favorite TV series of all time, and in El camino, creator and director Vince Gilligan has captured the feel of the series incredibly, making it feel as if the almost seven year gap between the finale of Breaking Bad and this past’s week release of El Camino were a mere five minutes.

Gilligan, along with an incredible performance from Aaron Paul, have both crafted a story that embodies the feeling of Breaking Bad perfectly. The creative team behind Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and now, El Camino have assembled some of the most enthralling visual experiences of the last 10 years.

Courtesy of Independent.co

El Camino picks up about 15 seconds after the finale of Breaking Bad, showing the aftermath of the epic conclusion of the series, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) has finally escaped captivity, and is now tasked with evading the entire Albuquerque Police Force, city SWAT teams, the Federal Government, and whoever else may be looking for him. With no money, no car, and nowhere to go, Jesse begins to assemble a plan to flee the city, leave his troubles behind, and finally find sanctity under a new identity.

Vince Gilligan has truly outdone himself this time. With some of the best writing I’ve seen in a movie this year, and the best cinematography I’ve seen this year by a long shot, El Camino is a joy to watch. Marshall Adams (head cinematographer) captures some of the most visually appealing shots I’ve ever seen on a screen, using wide angles and landscape shots often, framing the world as a sprawling, and intricate wasteland filled with dread and danger.

Courtesy of Inverse.com

Aaron Paul gives one of his best performances here, along with his friends Badger and Skinny Pete (played by Matt Jones and Charles Baker respectively) and a fantastic final performance by Robert Forster, as he died a few days after the films release. Every cast member including fan favorites from Breaking Bad, give it their all, and embody the feeling of the show that made them famous.

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad and have any interest and seeing what happens next, check out El Camino, streaming on Netflix now.

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