Basic Income


In this society, many people have come up with excuses for their absence in the working field. Some being “ all branches being overrun by technology” or “immigrants have all come and are fighting for the empty job spots”. As a daughter of a man with generations of self-proclaimed workers, this highly upsets me. The thought of America having their basic income rate is insane to me. The term is describing a free cash handout to every single united states person over 18. In my opinion, the only thing that this would do for people is give them another excuse for not going and working. 

This country already has an extreme issue with people using child support and injury relief as a backbone of their laziness which is not something that we should feed into by giving them just enough to survive. If we do so, these people will keep riding the wave of pity and will not strive for any better or good in their lives. Basic Income could destroy any notions of work ethic that or nation has mothered for so long and could potentially cause an end the many things that makes America great. Getting a free sum of money just for being 18 will go form a good idea and a way to kill off poverty and homelessness to an enabler for free riders to live a life that they did not work for. 

So may say that this idea could be a huge helping hand in our community and will allow people to do things like, commit less fraud, kill off homelessness, and allow people to pay off debts like college and taxes but they do not see the fault in this strategy. If this comes into play in the American government, it will cause a catastrophe with people both in society and behind closed doors.

 One scenario to think about is this: if we hand out cash to every single person in the United States that is a legal citizen and is 18 or older, where is this money coming from? Some may suggest that it will always feed back into play because of taxes and other humanly costs, but what if it doesn’t. What if half of the adult population saves every single payment they receive, so it is no longer in circulation. Will the money that is being paid the entire nation just come out of our taxes? What about if the other half is involved in illegal activities and uses that money for forien substances and every single penny freely given to them becomes the property of a major out of country drug alliance? Not one person can keep track of every use of that money that people were handed out. There are also smaller faults like the generation of baby boomers and their never changing ideals about younger generation having life handed to them since they were born. There is even the subject of what are the limitations of people who are eligible for these handouts. How are we going to give every homeless person on the streets of major cities their money? What about inmates and people who are legally owned by their state for crimes or even people convicted of the death penalty? Do they still receive this luxury if they cannot use it? In this case, the unanswered questions over the subject overrule the givens which is not something that our society needs more of. 

In all, the topic of a basic income is something that needs more time, strategizing, and overall planning to make a successful outcome. To any optimistic ear, the thought of free money for surviving to the age of a legal nicotine addiction is something to praise, but they haven’t thought about the overall disadvantage that this can bring to so many lives. Maybe if the topic comes back into play in another time, maybe following in the shadows of a presidential candidate, it could work, but with the type of society that is so profoundly American like ours, this will not come into play easily. In the end, and as some would agree “no bees no honey, no work no money”.

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