Why Aren’t Teachers Drug Tested?

Courtesy of Google.

When our school does drug testing, it is anonymous as they say, but why do they test us and not the teachers that are in charge of our future and GPA? I believe they should test everybody or no one at all. Reason being is why should I get drug tested and get pulled out of class while I am learning, but every other student gets to sit, learn, and do their work? Plus some of the people who are in charge of the drug testing could be a lot nicer. I am sorry that I can’t pee on command and you get mad about it, I can’t help it! Also why are us students tested and forced to pee in a cup, but the teachers aren’t? Our teachers are responsible for teaching us and help us mold our future. How do they do that if they may be under the influence? I am just confused on how we get tested and teachers don’t? They have plenty of time to test the teachers so that’s not the issue. For instance they can come early in the morning, during their plan period, etc. I believe every person who works or goes to this school should have to take a drug test. Please prove me wrong.  

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