College of the Week: Missouri Baptist University


Missouri Baptist University is a Christ-centered campus. You will integrate innovate academic exploration with spiritual discovery, preparing you for life of service and success. They also want to help students find their light in their darknesses in life.

General Info:

1 College Park Dr. St. Louis, MO 63141-9867

Phone #: (314)- 434-1115


Cost & Aid:

Tuition: $28,220

Financial Aid is available for students. Here are some federal and state programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant: Student must complete a FAFSA and have an EFC of 5576 or less. Receives up to $6,195.
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG): Must complete a FAFSA by February 1st and have an EFC of zero. Receives up to $1,200.
  • Access Missouri Grant: Must complete FAFSA by February 1st and have an EFC of 12000 or less. Receives up to $1,500.
  • Federal Work-Study: Need-based aid which averages 10 hours per week at $9.45 per hour. Receives up to $3000.
  • Federal Direct Student Loan: Interest rates vary by year.
    • Freshman: (Dependent)$5,500      (Independent)$9,500
    • Sophomore: (Dependent)$6,500    (Independent)$10,500
    • Junior or Senior: (Dependent)$7,500    (Independent)$12,500
  • Parent Plus Loan: Parents of dependent students may borrow up to the remaining cost of attendance minus any pending financial aid. Interest rates vary by year. The current rate is 7.08%. Students whose parents are denied a PLUS loan may borrow the independent-level amount on the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student loan.

Scholarships are also available. Here is a list of scholarships:

  • Freshman Merit Scholarships: The following merit scholarships are automatic for new students when stated requirements are met. Merit scholarships may not be combined with fine arts or athletic scholarships.
    • Full Trustee: (HS GPA) 3.6   (ACT) 30 (Yearly Amount) Full Tuition
    • Partial Trustee: (HS GPA) 3.5 (ACT) 27 (Yearly Amount) $15,000
    • President’s: (HS GPA) 3.4 (ACT) 23 (Yearly Amount) $13,000
    • Dean’s: (HS GPA) 3.0 (ACT) 20 (Yearly Amount) $11,000
    • Faculty: (HS GPA) 2.5 (ACT) 18 (Yearly Amount) $10,000
  • Performance: These scholarships are based on selection and participation in athletics or fine arts performance groups. Athletic scholarships cannot be combined with any other institutional scholarship or grant.
  • Ministeral: Eligible students must file an application verifying public commitment to participate in a ministry of preaching, youth, religious education, music, or missions. Students must be majoring or minoring in one of these areas.
  • Denominational Grant: Eligible students must be in good standing of a Southern Baptist Church. A letter from the church is required yearly. Students must be active participants in local church activities when available.
  • Church Matching: Church contributions toward a student’s cost will be matched up to $1000 per year. The church must submit documentation that verifies contributions are from a specified line item in the church budget.
  • Christian Service Award: Eligible students must be dependents of/or ministers, missionaries, church officials of the regulary payroll, employees of Southern Baptist agencies, staff, faculty or administrators of Christian high schools. Students must complete the Christian Service Scholarship Form.
  • Alumni Dependent Grant: To be eligible, students must be an undergraduate student who is the spouse or child of an MBU alumnus who received a baccalaureate degree.
  • Family Award: Eligible students are from the same immediate family and enrolled simultaneously as full-time, undergraduate students. This includes parents, siblings, and spouses. Students must complete the Family Award Form.
  • A+ Scholarship: Eligible students must qualify for the Missouri A+ program.
  • Christian High School Graduates: Eligible students must have graduated from a Christian high school.
  • Excel Grant: Eligible students must have completed a minimun of 6 hours of MBU credit through the EXCEL program.

Student Life:

At Missouri Baptist University, students can enroll in over 100 majors, and be involved in organizations. This is a Christ- based university, so students can develop their light. Their mission is to have students enjoy college and to find their life as a purpose.


98.5% of students qualify for MBU scholarships and financial aid.

5,000 + students have been enrolled at MBU.

225+ NAIA All-American Student Athletes.

27  Varsity athletic teams.


If you want more information about Missouri Baptist University, please speak to Mrs. Bauer or Ms. Norman.





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