21 and 22 Jump Street: Review

courtesy of Sony

21 Jump Street and the equally fantastic sequel 22 Jump Street were doomed to fail from the start, but with such an all star cast and the fantastic writer director combo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, (Makers of films such as: The Lego Movie, Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Solo: A Star Wars Story) maybe there was some hope for the movies after all. 

Tatum and Hill on set with directors Phill Lord and Chris Miller: courtesy of Collider

21 and 22 Jump Street follow officers Jenko and Schmidt (Tatum and Hill) two young police officers who have been estranged since high school, and we actually get to see their relationship in the opening scene of 21 Jump Street. We learn that in the 90’s, Jenko bullied Schmidt relentlessly, causing a mutual hatred of each other, but as the years pass, they meet again. They both enlist to be police officers in the same city, and they quickly realize they desperately need each other’s help. 

Tasked as “Narc’s” they enter their local high school as students, and act as Brad and Doug McQuaid. After a confrontation in the parking lot, they end up in their principals office, the principal, (played by Jake Johnson) asks their names, and in response, they answer incorrectly, switching their identities, and therefore are placed in the wrong classes. While adjusting to this large change, they begin their investigation and start to bring down the drug dealers infesting the school. 

Hill and Tatum as their High School selves: courtesy of SlashFilm

With a supporting cast that is nearly just as hilarious as the main stars, 21 Jump Street is a fantastic comedy that has become a classic of the 2010’s and the sequel, in my opinion, is just as good.

22 Jump Street picks up a few months after the conclusion of the first film. Jenko and Schmidt are on the case once more, and under the command of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) they’re sent away to college to bust a drug ring once again. 

While at the college, we meet several new characters, and a new location offers much more variety for action set pieces. Jenko, the much more athletic of the two, joins the football team. He proves to be very good at it, and the people they’re investigating seem to be some of the players.

Hill and Tatum in 22 Jump Street: Courtesy of The Independent

With nearly double the budget and returning characters from the first movie, this sequel shines and somehow doesn’t succumb to “sequel-itus” as many do, where they simply just aren’t as good as the originals. The directors and cast here are just too good to let that happen

Hill and Tatum are one of the best on-screen pairs of all time, and their chemistry is nearly unmatched by any comedic duo of the last 10 years. The writers understood exactly what the audience would want from a sequel and oh man, did they do a fantastic job. I say this because, for me, there’s not one bad joke in either of these movies combined 5 hour runtime.

If you’ll be having, or attending, any parties on this upcoming fall break, and are looking for something to do once the parties die down, I highly recommend these movies. Everyone can find something enjoyable here, and I often use these for group movie nights.

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