Are you hooked on the look?

Courtesy of Google.

Are you hooked on your look? 

Society is messed up if you have not noticed. Teenagers are constantly looking on their phone and hooked on their looks. Now, I have no room to talk because I am too and I have noticed it, but why don’t we ever just take a break? Just for about a day or even just a couple hours. I think it would make you and your family a lot happier and not as stressed. Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Tok and so on. Every teenager, I am sure, already is self conscious about their body and everything else. So, why do we continue to look at those perfect people on all of these apps? Some people think that the technology companies are making it addictive to their viewers. I believe that they try to make you want to be on that certain app more, but is it causing you to step away from people? Do you talk to your family anymore? Do you asked about your loved ones day? If you answer these questions with a yes, maybe reconsider the time and money you spend on electronic items.

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