Would a Performing Arts Center Be Worth It?

There has been a lot of talk lately around the Winfield School District about how we should use the money we had recently received. The money was given for the purpose of building so we would not be able to use the money to buy things such as new books or other new items for the school but we would have to use it to build something new. But what would be the most useful way to use the money? In my opinion, the most useful thing we can build would be a performing arts center. Why would this be the most beneficial way to spend the money though? 

Many people may say or think that a performing arts center would not be used very much, but how often would it actually be used? Well, many people probably also think to themselves that a performing arts center would be used for mainly for a theater department, but that isn’t the case and we can use it for even more than only a theater department. Both band and choir would have someplace to perform besides the high school gym which would be a huge plus for the music department. Not only would band and choir have someplace to go besides the gym, there could even be school assemblies held in it for assemblies such as end of the year awards. 

The High School would not have to be the only ones who could use it though. The Primary, Intermediate, and Middle School could also put a performing arts center into use. The other schools could also use it for assemblies or concerts. But why just have the performing arts center be useful towards strictly the schools? We could even have the town of Winfield put it to use by hosting school board meetings or any town meeting in there. 

Overall, I think a performing arts center would be very beneficial for not only the High School or the other schools, but also for the entire town of Winfield. By building a performing arts center we would be able to expand the theater program into something larger and even make some of our already large clubs or organizations happy by giving them a place to perform.

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