Fantasy Relationships

In today’s society, relationships are always thought as this fantasy. People do not realize that relationships are so much more than that. They take time, effort, respect, fun, positive communication, but the two most important qualities are trust and love. You have to trust your significant other to not do things that will break the trust that holds your relationship together. If you have the right type of love and trust, everything will be a smooth ride. Of course you will have some ups and downs, but you will work them out with positive communication. 

So many relationships in today’s society are about everything else but love itself. As humans we need to see when our partner needs a little bit more attention or some extra love. Without the love, attention or trust, why are you in that relationship anyways? Is it because you think you two are cute and will become popular? If so, how is this going to benefit you in the long run? You won’t ever be happy until you fix the relationship problem or find another person who you actually feel love for. Maybe ask yourself some questions if you aren’t happy in the relationship you’re in. Let this be your year and do what you need to do to make yourself happy, but keep the others around you in mind too. 

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