Logan Lucky: Review

Courtesy of: Straightfromamovie.com

Logan Lucky was a definite surprise. The ensemble cast provides so much for the film with their excellent charisma and on screen chemistry. The cast includes amazing performances from Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, and Seth MacFarlane. All under the brilliant direction of Steven Soderbergh (Director of: Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13, and Magic Mike) this film comes together to form a brilliant action comedy that’s been one of my favorites since the first time I watched it. 

Logan Lucky chronicles the boring, mundane lives of Jimmy and Clyde Logan, (Tatum and Driver) two brothers down on their luck, living in a rural area of West Virginia. Jimmy works for a construction company doing some work on the Charlotte Motor Speedway. After a mild injury worsens, he’s laid off from work. After a meeting with his brother, they start putting together a plan. A plan to rob NASCAR on race day. 

Jimmy and Clyde at “The Duck Tape” where Clyde works as a bartender. Courtesy of Bigscreenherveybay.com

After an incident at a local bar where Clyde works, and Jimmy unable to find new work, they begin to seriously consider their options, and Clyde wants nothing to do with Jimmy’s plan, but after some inspiration and reassurance, Clybe begrudgingly agrees. Jimmy knows if he can pull this off it will serve him well, and he will be able to spend more time with his daughter, who he can barely see due to his ex-wife’s unwillingness to share custody.

Jimmy and Clyde, knowing they’ll need some extra help, make a visit to the county jail to see “Joe Bang” a famous bank robber who has been a friend of the Logan family in the past. Joe knows his way around a safe, so they’ll need his help to break into the money vault. After a meeting with Joe, they begin to plan his escape, and ultimately their heist. 

Clyde and Jimmy meeting with Joe Bang in prison Courtesy of: Empireonline.com

Tatum and Driver do a wonderful job here, playing characters very unlike their usual roles, and with direction from one of the best crime-thriller film makers of the last decade, Logan Lucky comes together very well. Soderbergh does a fantastic job here, with excellent cinematography and amazing character work, this film really is something special, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes a good action comedy.

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