Senior Legacies: Lexi Perlow

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Lexi Perlow. Lexi is the daughter Porcha and Luke Perlow. She has one sister, she also has Five dogs and two cats.

Her legacy she wants to leave behind is making everyone laugh.

She plans on going to SCC for two years and then finishing her college education at MIZZOU.

When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years she said Traveling the world.

Something interesting about Lexi is that she cant swim.

Here are some of her favorite things:

-Her favorite food is chicken

-Her favorite movie is Pets

-Her favorite song is Figures by:Jessie Ryaz

-Her favorite TV show is Greys Anatomy

-Her favorite teacher is Mr.Schelich

Picture by: Joey Eller

-Her favorite thing to do on Friday nights is party

-Her favorite activity is shopping or eating

-Her favorite subject is physcology

-Her favorite super villain is The Joker

Her advice for all the other students here at Winfield high school is to take your classes seriously but still have fun.

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