You don’t know me, here’s why…

The people you see every single day at school are just people you “know of.” The reason I say this is because we go every single day seeing these people in our classes, but we don’t actually know them. Have you ever thought to go up to someone you’ve never talked to? Then again we see them every day so that means we know them right? I think this is wrong. Here’s why. We go to class, talk to our friends then we sit down when the bell rings, but do you know what goes on in the people’s lives you see every single day? Did you know that their parents are not getting along or they got kicked out of their house? Before you judge someone and say to yourself, ̈I don’t want to talk to them because this person said blah blah blah.̈ Don’t think about them in that way, try to talk to any person in your class and maybe you will have a new best friend. The people I did not like in middle school are now my best friends and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else. I challenge you to text, talk or call a person in one of your classes this week. Get to know them, you don’t know what they are going through at home. Who knows, you may even save a life with a smile or a hello.

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