How to be indifferent

Being indifferent means not having a preference, not being bias, or just being disinterested. I would describe myself as being indifferent, that doesn’t necessarily mean I am careless or heartless it just means I pick out what I should care about and what I should not. Being in high school I think a lot of people should try to learn this trait. There is a lot of drama that comes along with being a teenager, and 99% of it is not worth your time of day. I think of things like this, if its not going to matter in 5 years then you shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes dwelling on it.

To be indifferent you have to think of the process behind the content, which means to think of people like characters. Think about their background and why they’re saying what they’re saying or doing what they’re doing. For example when someone says “I have something I really want to tell you but I shouldn’t” they really mean “please give me attention and beg to know it because it would give me great satisfaction” most of the time those people have the most drama filled life. To achieve the most laid back high school experience you need to be carefree and be calm. Realizing not everything deserves a reaction is key. People usually stress out about life’s curves-balls like losing a friend or a break up because you care about the outcome. When you’re carefree you kinda just roll with the punches.

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