Social Cliques

Is this an  “and” or an  “or” situation?

There is almost nothing more stereotypical about an American highschool other than social cliques. There’s the jocks, the nerds, the  “popular” boys/ girls, the floaters, the emo/Goths, the loners. Each group typically stays to themselves, and why is that? Does one think they are better than the other? Is there a deep rooted hate from the ancestor clubs that has been passed down through class generations? I am here to find these answers and expose them to the light of your computer or phone screens. 

So, let’s run some experiments.

Of the three separate classes of students I asked, most associated with the floater group. This group is characterized by not being characterized. They switch between different social groups, and friend groups that they hang out with. On the other hand, when asked what group is the worst, the populars and jocks/athletes were the top answer. These are the groups of athletes you see walking down the hallways in their jerseys (jocks), and the large crowds of people that block the hallways, and everyone knows their names( populars). But why is that? What makes them so bad? Most say it is because they are annoying. But is that correct?

“They think they are better than others and deserve special treatment from teachers and other students,” (Anonymous). When asking a student, who wishes to be unknown, their opinion on jocks and populars, this was their response. It is a well known piece of information that jocks and populars associate, i.e. the homecoming king and queen of every teen movie being the star quarterback and the beautiful cheer leading captain. But is it a good thing to be in these groups? 

Many people associate these two social groups with toxicity. Many people even leave these groups for “less popular” groups such as loners or become floaters to associate themselves with these two core groups less. When there’s social groups that can almost determine your social class in a young adolescents school life, how healthy can they be?

There’s a reason why many studies have been done on social cliques. When trying to decide if a social clique is good or bad, you have to consider the positive and negative aspects of them. For the positives, you are surrounded by people that are interested in the same things as you and will support your decisions. Which brings you to a negative. If you’re in a social group containing bad people, the wrong things can be encouraged. Or, you could be accepted into a group of people, and you’re completely ignored the whole time. Or instead of being ignored you’re just used for things, such as running errands or doing someone’s homework for them. 

These reasons are why it’s important for you to surround yourself with people that actually pay attention to you and your feelings. Just because other people are having fun, doesn’t mean you will too. So, even if your old friends are in one group, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily where you belong. Be a little brave today and branch out and see what actually makes you happy and see where you fit in life.

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