X: Album Review

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Most of us remember watching Austin and Ally and fangirling over Ross Lynch and being super sad when the show ended. Good news! Everyone can resume their fangirling, but this time over his band, The Driver Era, that he formed with his brother, Rocky, in early 2018. You might not fondly recall the band that the Lynch siblings had previously formed, R5, but I promise The Driver Era is nothing like the Disney Channel-esque pop of R5. The band released their debut album, X, on June 28, 2019. The album is comprised of ten songs (hence the album title), including five singles that were released prior to the album. 

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The depth and variety of influences for this album, such as soul, rock, and anything in between, are what makes this album really different and interesting. The best generalization for the sound or genre of this album would be “the lovechild of alt-pop and pop rock”, but the wide variety of styles throughout create a really unique blend of songs. Though this album doesn’t have a distinct lyrical theme, the record is arranged in such a way that, when listening to it from start to finish, the musical theme flows and fits together in a way that ties the album into one cohesive work. As someone who likes a song for its instrumentation rather than lyrical content, listening to this album can only be described as “an experience”. 

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A good song or album should make you feel something. Maybe you won’t cry, but any good song should leave you feeling just a little bit different than you did roughly three and a half minutes ago. I think X really accomplishes this well. This might be a crazy person thing, but when I listen to this record, I just imagine the sound as dark, but a comfortable, warm kind of glowy darkness. These songs were imagined and produced in a fashion that just kind of fills something up inside of you. San Francisco is the best example of this sort of feeling. This fifth track of the record is much more light and floaty than the others, creating a perfect break between halves of the album. As I listen to this song for the second time in ten minutes, I would definitely say that this is one of the best songs on the album. 

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Overall, this record is a really great listen and I would definitely recommend taking some time and giving this album a shot. Though it may not sound like something you’d usually enjoy, this album has such an interesting energy and vibe that you might find yourself really liking a lot. Thanks for reading and I hope you give it a listen!

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