11/22/19 Random Fact #44

Did you know that cats communicate through blinking and body language?

We all know that cats are mysterious creatures. One moment they’ll be meowing for your attention and then the moment you try petting them they walk away and ignore you. What does that mean though? Well, if you pay attention to their body language, you’ll understand almost exactly what they’re saying.

The main body parts you should pay attention to are their ears, eyes, and tail. Blinking is a big part in communication along with tail flicking and ear twitching. Here are some examples:

Happy = Tail up, ears perked, eyes blinking slowly. Angry = Tail swishing, ears back, eyes dilated and wide opened, and back arched/neck fur standing (If they do this and their ears are perked and their neck fur isn’t standing, it means they are feeling playful). Scared = Tail tucked between legs, ears back, eyes wide opened (A spooked cat will also run away and hide somewhere).

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