Senior Legacies: Dakota Hyman

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Dakota Hyman. Dakota is the son of Jody and Christie Hyman. He has one sister and one dog named Bailey. He doesn’t have a legacy to leave behind here.

He does not plan on going to college.

When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years he said working.

Someting interesting abou himself is the he is very good at woking on vehicles

Here are some of his favrite things:

-His favorite food is boneless wings

-His favorite song is Dear rodeo by: Cody Johnson

-His favorite movie is Fast and furious

-His favorite TV show is Spongebob square pants

-His favorite teacher is Mrs.Gracey

Image found on google

-His favorite thing to do on Friday nights is drive around wasting gas

-His favorite activity is partying

-His favorite subject in school is lunch

-His favorite superhero is Ironman

He didn’t have any advice for the students here at Winfield high school

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