College Advice: Should College Students Room with their Friends?

Should college students room with their friends? The answer is no in my opinion, because you don’t know your friends’ habits.  According to,  they state that there are pros and cons when it comes to finding a roomate. Here are some pros and cons of being roomates with your best friend:

Pros: You already know each other, you and your friend can plan your room together as far as decorations, and other arrangements. It is always good to have a familiar face in college, but you can make new friends.

Cons: Rooming with your friends could turn out to be like high school all over agian, because of all of the drama that could happen and that could spread. Also, you don’t know what your friend does on a regular basis.

In conclusion, do not room with your friend that you have been friends with since you graduated high school. Branch out and make new friends. It is always good to have new friends to talk to, study with, and you can go to events with your friends.



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