Frozen 2: Review

Frozen 2 is a film that families will go and see. Kids, adults, older people, everyone. The monstrous success of the first one still carries on today, with songs from the first still blaring through the speakers of my car while my “Christmas Music” playlist is on shuffle. This movie is not great, and it hurts me to say that because I do like the first one quite a bit, but this one was definitely disappointing. So lets talk about a Disney movie. Everyone’s doing it!

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Frozen 2 is the followup to the massively successful Disney film Frozen. This film follows our cast Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven as they travel to an ancient and enchanted land. They set out to find the source of Elsa’s powers and save their kingdom, and try to lift a mysterious spell that has entrapped many people in an old and magical forest. 

When I saw the first Frozen I thought it was fairly good, but I didn’t need a sequel, and when I saw the trailer I was still unconvinced that we needed this. We really didn’t. Frozen 2 is severely disappointing. There are many redeeming qualities, like the animation which is fantastic, the voice acting/singing performances, and the way the film feels are incredible. It feels like a classic Disney animation. 

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The choices made by characters here are what really loose me. The plot, and the way the characters interact will, I believe, turn fans away from the film. I won’t spoil anything but I was very confused at some of the things they were doing. The characters are ok, but the way they act bothers me. Olaf the snowman is supremely annoying to me, he degrades my nerves and uproots my happiness. He gets a lot of screen time so if you enjoy him, yay for you. Praise be to the annoying snowman. 

The thing that bothers me so much is the ending. I won’t spoil it so don’t worry, but it’s so totally unwarranted and unearned that it left me speechless. I can not defend this movie more than I have here, because the things that don’t work, REALLY dont work. I thoroughly believe this was a cash grab by Disney (but at this point what isn’t. Ex. Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan) 

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A film with no real villain and lazy storytelling, Frozen 2 was definitely not great. See it if you want, but be warned it might really let you down. If it doesn’t and you love it, don’t yell at me, just… Let it Go (haha)

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