Advice from seniors

Riley Eads – show up to school on time always

Kristen Reed – Quizlet is going to be your savior, learn geometry so you understand the math section on the ACT, the fountain sodas before/after school start to add up, sophomore year do not let your grades drop , always try your hardest

Michael Kinne – Quizlet and Quizzes will get you pretty far

Emma Burkemper – stay out of drama and to yourself

Kellis Heberer – Have fun but remember your grades are more important in the long run

Grant Nickles – Don’t waste your time complaining make the best of what you got, don’t switch into first hour gym

Lane Moody – Be involved, create friendships with the teachers, education does matter

Audrey Wehde – stay active but also focus on grades, If its not going to matter in 5 years don’t waste 5 minutes on it, take in every moment of high school you only get to do this once

Lexi Perlow – Don’t rush anything just live in the present, nothing will last forever, don’t freak out if your life plan gets changed everything will fall into place like its supposed to, put your friends and school work before boys always

Kelly Fallert – Don’t act like you’re something you’re not in front of the older kids because we don’t care

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