Extracurricular of the Week: Choir

With choir performing in their Christmas show on Thursday night at seven, this week’s extracurricular of the week is choir. Winfield High School has two choirs: the second hour auditioned choir known as “Concert Chorale”, and the third hour non-auditioned choir known as “Winfield Warrior Singers”. Both choirs are an awesome opportunity for anyone and even if you don’t like to sing, trying it out might make you change your mind. Winfield Warriors Singers have three performances every year which are their fall, Christmas, and spring shows. Concert Chorale also has all of those performances with one additional one in the second semester which is a contest. But that’s not all – every other year both high school choirs travel somewhere to perform. This school year the choirs will be travelling to New York City to perform in front of the Statue of Liberty. Overall, choir is a great experience for everyone and even looks great for college!

(If you are interested in joining Concert Chorale, (2nd hour) auditions for next year are held near the end of the school year, talk to Mrs. Nafziger for details)

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