Three Things That Can Help Eliminate the Stress of Finals Week

It’s finals week, which to most of us means one thing: stress. Every year, a majority of students all over the school are stressed because they’re trying to cram in some last minute studying to help boost their grades. Among this studying comes hours and hours of time spent flipping through notes and reviewing what we had learned in the past four months. Finals week is just nothing but stress. How could we help relieve some of that stress though? Well, here are three things that could happen to help relieve the stress off the students.

To start, it would take some stress off the student’s backs if we had early dismissal on the days of finals. Many other schools in the area get out of school early on the days of finals which is a great thing. Getting out of school early would most likely mean students would have to take all of their finals for that day back to back and then would get to go home as soon as they are done with them. This being said, there would then not be sometimes up to two hour gaps of sitting around between each final. Going home early would allow students to have time to go home and relax before their next day full of tests which would definitely help relieve some of the stress.

Another way in which students could relieve a little bit of the stress of finals week would be by being organized in their studying. When finals week comes around, many of us don’t even know where to begin. We have four months worth of information for seven different classes to study for. We can be organized in our studying by first thinking to ourselves, “which finals am I taking first,” and studying for those finals first. Another way we can stay organized when studying for finals is we can think to ourselves, “which finals do we think will be the most difficult,” and we can start there. If you take each class one step at a time rather than thinking about all the classes at once, you will not be nearly as overwhelmed. 

Taking breaks between studying is another great way to get rid of some of that finals week stress. Of course, we need to get plenty of studying done so we do well on our finals, but studying  for many hours consecutively may cause us to start zoning out or not paying attention to the materials we are trying to study. We just need to give ourselves breaks.

In conclusion, finals week can be extremely stressful, but there are many various ways both us and school could help relieve some of that stress. 

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