12/18/19 NOT a Random Fact!

My deepest apologies to anybody wanting to read a random fact today. I am required to write an *shudders* opinion piece for my final this semester. However, seeing as how I do not have a strong opinion over anything (Which is why I decided to write random facts in the first place), I am going to write about something that has been slightly bothering me for the past few days.

Hot weather vs. cold weather. Which one is the absolute best to thrive in? In my personal opinion, hot weather is the winner. I prefer the heat because it gives me an excuse to go outside more often, bask in the light of the sun, go for a swim, and enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Sure there are pesky bugs and sweating can get rather disgusting, but at least the nights are warm and driving is easier.

Cold weather isn’t my favorite. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t stand shivering, having to dress in layers, constantly getting a runny nose, and having to stay inside because of the temperature. Sure I like seeing the pure, white snow and having an excuse to drink hot chocolate everyday, but the sky is almost always a dull gray color, the sun rarely shines and when it does you can’t even feel it, driving becomes more of a chore, shoveling snow gets tedious, not to mention sickness spreads faster than a cheetah (The fastest animal in the world *wink*).

Which do you think is better?

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