Education After Middle School

In my opinion, after middle school, students should take classes focused in their future careers. I think it is unnecessary to continue being taught certain areas of education if you’re never going to use those in the future. It is a waste of time, and the time you’re wasting could be put towards your career goal. 

Speaking on classes that should not be needed, for myself, I want to be a prosecuting attorney. I do not need to be in my pre-calculus or honors chemistry class, when I could be working on my four years of law school instead. Math and science have nothing to do with my career, so why take those hours out of my day when I need to be learning things like ethics. These classes are not needed for my career, and are just hindering me in the long run. And for people who do need these classes for jobs like engineering, there are children in there that disrupt the classes. Certain students could not care less about their grades, and in these classes, they will disrupt the class. Whether it is done by being loud, or just not participating, they affect the learning of the other students and the teachers lessons get disrupted. Students lose their ability to learn subjects that they need to focus on because there are students who know these classes are not beneficial to them. 

You may ask, but what happens to the children that are disruptive and know they are not going to college, or search for a further education. I believe these students should be trained in a trade school or go to programs such as tech, which is what a lot of these students do now. If a student has no interest in furthering their education and they already have a basic education in classes such as math, science, and english language, why force them? It is not beneficial to anyone to force things upon people. It is simply wasting the time of the students and teachers. 

Now, you’re wondering about how a simple highschool could offer classes to everyone’s individual career path. It won’t. I believe facilities should be set up that focus on like careers. In a nutshell, it would almost be set up like a college, complete with dorms for the reason of some careers being less appealing to most, so there would be less of them to pick from, forcing you to have to possibly drive further to attend. The facilities would be based around their core subject, ie. science, math, law, etc. The years of attendance would focus solely on the requirements needed for your job. I believe with this setup, college would not be needed. It would replace colleges as we know them, for they would not be necessary, if we are already being taught the lessons we need for our careers. However, we would still have to pay for these classes. We couldn’t just attend these programs and expect them to stay operational with no income. However, I think the price of these programs would be much more reasonable and the money spent there would be much better spent because you’re only paying for the classes you need. 

All in all, it would further you in life, save your time, and save you money. Why waste our youth and time away learning classes we’ll never need in our lives, when we can study the classes we do need? Why go into debt with student loans for classes we will never use in our lives, when we can spend that money solely on the classes that will put you further down your career path? I think education after middle school should be focused on our future career paths. 

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