Final Op-Ed: Should Finals Only Positively Affect Our Grade This Year?

There has been a lot of tensions raised lately after many of the surrounding districts decided to go with a grading scale in which finals will only positively affect semester grades. These surrounding schools are doing this due to the lack of review days and time to prepare for the finals. The Winfield School District though, has decided to go down a different path. The Winfield School District has decided to instead, go from having three days of finals to two days of finals to allow a day for review since our snow days took the place of our two original review days. Although at first thought it may seem fair to just give us this one review day and have two days of finals, there are some negative consequences.

First off, having four finals in one day is just a lot. Students already feel stressed on a day they have four regular tests, so on a day where students have to take four huge semester tests in one day, some students may just feel beyond stressed. Not only do they feel stressed about taking four finals in one day, they also feel stressed about having to study for all those finals. Many students, myself among them, study first for whichever finals they have to take first, so a last minute change in the finals schedule can cause some last minute studying too. 

By taking four finals in one normal school day, and three on a half day, we are also losing our time to take the finals. When it comes to finals, sometimes every minute matters, and depending on the difficulty of the test, students may be working all the way up until the end of the hour. Students were told with the shorter amount of time to complete the final, that the final would also be shortened, but what if there were a class or two that did not stick to that and kept the finals the same length? Either way, the longer we have to finish the final, the longer we will have to work hard and achieve a higher score. 

All in all, it is understandable why the schedule change occurred with us having two snow days when our review days should have taken place, but reasons still remain as to why it would be both fair and beneficial to have finals only be a positive impact on our grades. A shorter amount of time to take the finals and students becoming very stressed are both reasons why this year, finals should not have a negative impact on our grades. Neither students or school can help the fact that weather conditions caused us to miss school for two consecutive days, and the schedule change seemed to be the most obvious thing to do. But, doing finals the same way as many of the surrounding schools are doing would be extremely helpful to everyone whether you’ve got low grades or high grades. 

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