Final Op-Ed | Summer Is Superior | 12/19/19

A popular opinion about winter is that it’s the most “festive” time of the year. And in some cases I would agree with that, because it includes Christmas- the birth of our Lord and savior- when we sit around a Christmas tree and bestow thoughtful gifts on those we love. Thanksgiving where we stuff our bellies till we feel ill, and give thanks to whom we are thankful for. Halloween, my personal favorite, where children of all kinds spend time with their family walking around dressed up in their favorite character for that year,and receive candy from people who are kind enough to participate in this tradition. It’s true, all of this is an important time in most people’s lives, but the season that I hold close to my heart is summer.

Summer is the time where I’ve made most of the best memories in the short amount of time that I have already lived. All the places I’ve visited, new people I’ve met, and specifically the confidence I’ve gained. In winter, everyone is getting sick, everyone’s skin is dry, and the snow affecting the roads almost cause us to take our first semester finals in second semester.  In addition, the time I have to spend in school also factors into my opinion. For winter break we get about 3 weeks off, however for summer break we usually get three months off. This difference is a big deal to any teenager who doesn’t love school, which is practically every teenager.

Credits to Google

Summer is better than winter because summer is significantly warmer than winter. Therefore, people can go outside without putting on thousands of layers. People also can go outside without worrying that their fingers are going to freeze off. In addition, because of the warm weather, people can go swimming and make so many fun memories doing many things in the outdoors.

Another reason for why winter is worse is the way the cold negatively affects travel. For example, the amount of time it takes to defrost your car, and scrape off the access ice and snow, so you can see to drive, is extremely inconvenient. In addition, the snow makes the roads very dangerous.

In conclusion, many things make summer better than winter. Things such as the warm weather, the time we don’t have to spend at school, and the memories we make on summer break.

*Credits to watermelon73 and babybrent123*

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