Forgetting our privileges

Throughout the year we tend to forget how good we have it in today’s world. We have technological advances like cell phones, computers, apps, air conditioning, a dish washer and even a toilet. Our society today is so messed up. Kids as young as 1 or even younger are already experiencing life with technology. I am sure they forget that there is a world other than a phone, a TV or a laptop. Now kids, teenagers and sometimes adults forget that they need sunshine and fresh air. When I was younger all I ever did was go outside and play. My parents had to ask several times for me to come in, my grandma even had to yell at us to come inside at one point. I wish that kids today will get to experience those amazing fall days when you would go outside with family, friends or cousins and build a fort. Kids have no idea how to have fun anymore, let alone have a face to face conversation. The people that are in highschool now and grades below us, I believe are at risk for obesity from technology. I think this because there are so many kids who are addicted to their electronic device and eat out of boredom and not because they are hungry. My wish is that when it starts warming up outside, adults will open their eyes and tell their children to go outside, get some fresh air and vitamins. It won’t hurt for you to go outside even if it’s for 20 minutes. This summer I hope that you make decisions that will positively impact your life.

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