Why is College Education Important?

Some say that it is good for your future, and others say that it is just easier to start working at a job. Good reasons to go to college is to further your education and experience, some jobs require college, and you can meet people from different backgrounds, or countries. College is good for your future.


69.7 percent of high school students go to college to further their education and experience in a specific field or career. College is often found as a way to get more experience when wanting to start in a career that you would want to stay in until you retire, others might think that it is just for people who want to get a good job in life. Some high school students start thinking about college their Junior year, and others start earlier, which is good to think about. Touring colleges is important, because you can determine how long of a drive it would take you to get there, how much money it is going to cost you to go to that college, and what classes you should take at the beginning of your Freshman year of college. 


35 percent of jobs require college. When trying to figure out what kind of job you want to have in the future, it takes a bit of research. You could easily just google the type of job that you want, find the website, and read about what it takes to qualify for that job. Some high school students just want to start working at a job that does not require college, and some jobs require to have a Bachelor’s degree. 36 percent of job openings do not require college beyond the high school diploma.


Finally, most students that attend colleges and universities in the United States are from foreign backgrounds, or countries. Meeting people from different backgrounds or ethnicities, can be a good thing. In college, you can easily make friends that will help you study, or to help you with homework. In other countries, some students attend college in the United States because, they couldn’t afford it in their home country, or they are not allowed to attend college in their home country. 


In conclusion, college is good for your future because you will get more experience in a job that you would want in the future, some jobs require college in that field, and making friends from foreign countries is a good way to enjoy your college years. 

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