An Eventful Day

When I got home yesterday, I finally received my late Christmas gift. A Flawless Brow Pen. I was so excited to use it that I immediately rushed into my room and tore open the box. Now, I’ve used a Flawless Pen before because I borrowed one from a friend one time and I liked the results, (hence why I wanted one for Christmas last year) but the one I held in my hand looked a bit different. It was a lot thicker and the LED light was brighter than the one I used before. At the time, I didn’t even care because my brows looked terrible and I couldn’t wait to fix them.

So I inserted the battery and started shaving away. At first it was doing surprisingly well, it was even better than last time, however due to the size of the pen, it was hard for me to pinpoint exactly where to shave. Things started to go downhill from there because I couldn’t reach the hairs underneath and on the edges of my brows so sadly, I had to use a pair of tweezers to set things right.

While I was shaving though, I accidentally shaved a good chunk off the top of my right brow and it set all of the balance off, so afterwards it looked like a six year old did it for me. Am I worried about it? Nah, my brows grow at a supernatural rate so it will fill in pretty quick.

I was actually going to write a review about the product until I checked the box again and I realized the pen was for facial hair. Then everything made sense, why the light was so bright, the pen being super big… Then again, aren’t brows are considered to be facial hair? Oh well. I’m pretty sure if I had a thinner pen I would have been satisfied, but I don’t think I’ll order one online again since they sell them at Walmart for around $12.

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