New Year, New Attitude

I want to discuss something that personally bothers me a lot nowadays. Everyone has depression or is upset constantly. People have grown to have such negative outlooks on life and give up hope when things get difficult. I want to suggest ways to be a more positive person to those who don’t want to feel this way, or want to learn to see the world as their own.

So we are clear, I am someone who has suffered with moderate depression in my past and as I got older it turned more into severe anxiety. I know the random sadness you feel when nothing’s wrong. I have felt the empty feeling of just being alone and wanting to give up every day. I have been alone and had no one there when I needed it most. I really wanted to make myself a better person, someone I was happy to be. So, believe me when I say that I know what I’m talking about and I understand. 

I believe if people want to be sad forever, you can’t help them. However, I also believe we need to discuss better ways of coping with these thoughts and feelings for those who don’t. It took me two years of mental work to completely change my mindset and make myself a more positive and confident person. Maybe you think I sound cheesy or whatever, but understand, there are techniques that work if you just put the effort forth to improving yourself. When my mom tried teaching me them, I was pessimistic and impatient with it all, but it does take some time. Just always remember, you can change your own world to be what you want.

Something my mother suggested I do a while ago was get a journal and write what I was grateful for everyday for about 30 days. This can include the people in your life, your favorite foods, activities, or even colors. Literally anything that you just appreciate existing in your life. It’s healthy to recognize your own appreciation for your surroundings everyday, rather than all the things you hate. It’s a small step to seeing the lighter side of your life. 

Have you ever felt super insecure about a new hair color your trying, or maybe a new outfit you just got and then had someone compliment you? It instantly makes you feel so much more confident. What if you could try doing that for someone else? You never know if someone is feeling bad about themselves or having a bad day and, believe it or not, a single compliment can completely change their day. This is also a wonderful way to teach your brain to see the good in people, rather than just hating everyone for whatever reason. As someone who is very socially awkward and anxious, I love complimenting people, mostly strangers. It’s a good feeling for them and me knowing I just made someone smile. I strongly recommend trying it. 

Another good technique you should and probably need to try is doing something for yourself on a regular basis. Everybody needs to take a day sometimes to just do the things they want and recuperate their heads. As high school students, we have to take on a lot of stress, and not even just from ourselves, but everyone around us everyday. If you just take a couple days out of your week to just relax your brain, practice your hobbies and talents, cook a nice meal for yourself, and just be you for the night, it can help you get to know yourself better and learn how to relax every once in awhile.

I hope this can help whoever needs it most. Remember, be patient and don’t ever give up hope. Life has so much to look forward to, places to be seen, friends to make, food to eat. Always take care of yourself, as well.

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