1917: Review

1917 is a technical masterpiece from director Sam Mendes. It is a visually stunning World War 1 epic, and one of the most surprising and entertaining war films I’ve ever seen. What it lacks in plot, it makes up for with incredible visuals, a beautiful original score, and great performances and incredible cinematography from the legendary Roger Deakins, this film is incredible to watch. 

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1917 is a simple story about two british soldiers who receive nearly impossible orders to cross the western front in World War 1, and go miles behind enemy lines, and cross no man’s land to deliver sensitive information to save nearly 1,600 men’s lives. The two soldiers, Dean-Charles Chapman as Corporal Blake and George MacKay as Corporal Schofield, get orders that the Germans have set up a trap for the allied powers, and now 1,600 men, Blake’s brother included, are marching to their death, in what they think would be an attack that would win the war. 

This film is designed to look like one continuous shot the entire time, so instead of seeing the men travel on their mission, we, as the audience watching, are literally following the men as if we were there with them in real time. As we go with the men, we see the horrors of the war displayed as accurate as i’ve seen in recent memory. Men dead in sitting water, tending to wounds from rust covered metal, and lots of rats. 

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There are very few dull moments in this film, as there’s always something happening. The soldiers are on a time sensitive mission, so they act fast, while also trying to avoid detection by enemy forces. Danger is always present, and hazards of the war torn environment are always in the foreground. The likes of mines, tripwires, planes surveying the land below, and trenches. Lots of trenches

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1917 is a thrilling theater experience. If you do plan on seeing the film I do strongly recommend that you see it in a theater setting, as I believe the feel of the film and the epic scale would be lost in viewing it on a phone screen or a small TV. That said, if you like a good action movie, and a good time at the movies, I strongly recommend 1917.

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