College of the Week: Missouri S&T


Missouri S&T is a public school in Rolla, Missouri. This college is good for students who want to enter into engineering, and technology.

General Info:

300 West 13th St. Rolla, MO 65409

Phone #: (800) 522-0938



Cost & Aid:

Cost before aid: $22,045

Cost after aid: $14,303

Scholarships and Financial Aid are available for students. And this college does enroll students that are in the A+ Program.


Student Life:

Studens at Missouri S&T can give back to the community by doing community service projects, and you can join fraternities and sororities. There are over 30 student organizations.


90% Full-time students

10% Part-time students

6,857 undergraduate students

Acceptance rate: 79%

Graduation rate: 63%


If you would like more information on Missouri S&T, please speak with Mrs. Bauer or Ms. Norman.

Missouri S&T(alone).bw

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