High school really drains my energy every day so when I go home I want to do absolutely nothing. The problem is, is that I want to have the strength to socialize with my family, cook a good meal, and maybe draw some pictures, but when I come home feeling so unmotivated, the thought of doing those things just makes me feel even more tired.

I probably just need more sleep, but the days just keep dragging on no matter how much I rest. For the record: No, I am not depressed nor bipolar, I just genuinely feel like I’ve been exhausted for a while. It could just be the fact that it’s still January and January goes on for what feels like years. Sometimes school can be exciting, but the excitement only lasts for so long.

One thing that does motivate me however, is the weekend. It gives me a chance to rest and do the things I want. For instance this weekend I’m going to spend the night at a friend’s house and I can’t wait for that! Having something to look forward to every weekend is what brings me the strength I need to survive the week.

Another thing I look forward to is Summer break. Two whole months of fun and relaxation. I might go on vacation sometime in those two months. Who knows? It’s what keeps me moving.

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