How I changed my ways.

How I changed my ways.

During my lifetime I’ve seen many things that have upset me, but seeing animals and whole ecosystems being destroyed really makes me want to change my ways. When my father and mother took me to St. Peters or Hazelwood, I saw so much garbage and junk on the side of the highway. This really upset me because so many animals are most likely going to try and eat that trash which will kill that innocent animal. I have also seen so many documentaries about researchers going out onto a beach and seeing a washed up shark that has been dead for a while. When they open up the shark to see what this certain shark ate they saw a bunch of trash that people have thrown into the ocean. The thing is, people think plastic will break down eventually, but in reality plastic never fully breaks down. The plastic breaks into these tiny microscopic plastic pieces that will forever be in our water and soil. This concerns me and it should concern everyone else to. Start this new year on the right foot by helping save the world one step at a time.  

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