Random Music Facts

Music is agreeably an amazing thing to have in this world. It’s a wonderful outlet for most of us, as many songs are written to be related to, some are made to tell a story about history, and are simply created to entertain and enjoy. I have decided to share a few random facts about some bands and musicians that I find interesting. 

Many people are familiar with the popular 1990’s grunge band, Nirvana. If you’re not really into their music or just don’t know many of their songs, you’ve probably at least heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. The song was the first on the band’s first album, Nevermind, released in 1991. Kurt Cobain, lead singer and songwriter, actually had a strong disliking for the song. When the music video came out, it had to have lyrics in the video because no one understood what Cobain was singing. However, the song became their most played and gave the band it’s grunge persona. Cobain had already not been a fan of the fame. The hatred of the popularity and existence of the song was enough to make him genuinely angry when performing live. Today, it is still the most well known, and maybe one of the most lyrically confusing, songs that people know by them.

A band the older generations are a bit more familiar with, Pink Floyd, is an interesting musical group, but in my opinion, an amazing one. Their music is categorized as “psychedelic rock” or “progressive rock” for their use of sonic experimentation and philosophical lyrics. Their two most well known albums, The Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973, and The Wall, released in 1979, both have some really cool features about them. Dark Side of the Moon when played over the original Wizard of Oz perfectly syncs up with what is happening in the movie. For example, the final phrase in the song Breath (in the air) goes “race towards an early grave”. When synced up with the movie, Dorothy falls in the pig pen right as the song ends and transitions into Time. There are videos on YouTube with the album over the movie. The Wall’s interesting feature is when the album is put on repeat, the album continues in a seamless loop. It begins and ends with a quiet and slow tune from what sounds like a radio or record player from the 60’s. 

These are just a couple random music facts about some bands, maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about them or might try looking them up if you haven’t heard their music before. Hope you enjoyed these, I’ll probably write more when I’m low on creative thought.

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