The Intelligence of a Cat

If you’ve ever owned a cat or currently own one, you would know what I’m talking about. Cats are very strange creatures. One moment they could be opening doors and switching the lights on and off to get your attention, and then the next they could be tearing up the couch, chasing their shadow, and falling into toilet bowls. So the question is, why do they act like this?

The answer is still unknown, but I personally think cats are very mature and intelligent to an extent. Some still have that playful and curious attitude even if they’re 10 years old. That playfulness is often mistaken to be stupidity but when you really think about it, when you’re out having the time of your life you’re gonna be having so much fun you won’t care about what you do or what others think. Does that make you stupid? Not at all! The same thing applies to cats.

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