Speech Spotlight: Ellie Smith

Over the past weekend (Feb. 8), the Winfield High School Speech Team competed at the Rock Bridge Tournament. Overall, the team did great, with many high scores against such tough competition. The real highlight for the team were the outstanding achievements by Ellie Smith who, quite impressively, placed 6th overall in informative speaking at her first meet as a part of the Winfield High team. 

This competition was not Ellie’s first experience with public speaking. Smith placed 2nd at the FFA State Speech Competition back in December, 2019. Contrary to what you may think, love for public speaking, not for agriculture, is what prompted Ellie to become part of FFA to compete. “I competed for FFA because I didn’t know that we even had a speech team.” Smith said. Ellie’s performance is made more impressive when you learn that she did it all without visual aids! She said that she wasn’t aware that she was allowed to bring a visual aid “Everyone else had like easels and velcro and stuff. One girl even had a stuffed cow to talk about beef production.” She also remarked that the judges thought it unusual but impressive that she spoke without visual aids. 

Overall, Ellie really enjoyed the meet and the experiences that it gave her. She said that the best part of the day was exploring the “long, sketchy hallway” that smelled a lot like chlorine. This was a very impressive showing for Ellie, and the Winfield High Speech Team and students are eager for what’s to come for her and the other members of the team!

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