My Biggest Regret.

Thank you to Google for the picture.

My biggest regret would have to be not taking advantage of the time I got to spend with my loved ones. I was so selfish and I will admit that too. Each time I saw a loved one I kinda just sat there not really listening to what stories they had to tell or how their day was. I regret it so much now. At 16 years old I realized that I messed up and should have paid attention. The problem is that the loved ones I lost, I can no longer pay attention to. I lost so much time with them because I was selfish. The things I would do to hear my great grandmas voice and my grandpas laugh again. Losing them was by far two of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life. It tares your heart to shreds, but now I have all the memories to look back on and I could tell my future kids how amazing they were to me and all that matters is the fact that I had the privilege to know and grow up with my grandparents. They will forever be in my heart, and I won’t ever forget the impact they left . 

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