Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Essay

My Favorite Cooperative Principle

“Electricity is really just organized lightning,” a wise quote from the great George Carlin.  In today’s society it is important to have electricity installed. Technology is everywhere, and technology requires electricity. My favorite cooperative principle is concern for the community. The definition of concern for the community means that cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted by their members. Cuivre River Electric Cooperative strives to make the commonwealth better, by installing electric for families that cannot afford, or do not have electricity.

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative also strives to show values of social responsibility and to care for others. They want to make a better society by providing electricity for families that cannot afford electricity. They take ownership over portions of the economy, so that they can meet the community’s needs better than before. They want to provide for all members of a community. It is the Cooperative’s responsibility to participate in the protection of its communities that surround them. They work towards sustainable development of communities to make them better. 

One thing that Cuivre River Electric Cooperative does for the community and its members is that they provide each member that signs up, with a Co-op Connections Card which gives discounts to local and national business partners including pharmacies. CREC members have saved more than $725,000 on prescriptions since the card program began in 2008. This card helps people save more on dental, vision, hearing, lab work, and chiropractic services. With the connections to pharmacy services, people can get discounts at restaurants, automotive, shopping, and attractions.

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative also has an outreach program called “Operation Round Up” which is a program that is funded by Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members. Even small changes add up to have a huge impact in the surrounding communities. The main goal of this program is to help individuals, families, and communities address unmet needs in the areas of health including vision,and dental, education such as a high school diploma,or further education needs, home weatherization including fire alarms,and smoke detectors, youth programs that involve activities for the youth age, community and emergency services such as contact information to the local fire and police departments. Since 1997, more than $6 million in assistance has been awarded to applicants. 

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is more than just a service for electricity, it is a service that provides assistance to members of a community that are in need of prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing and other services. This principle helps families and individuals of a community receive the help that they need. By assisting the needs of communities, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative has made individual communities stronger as a whole by providing services that some communities cannot either access or afford. With electricity in communities, members can save money on electricity, and can enroll for jobs in their community. Also, residents can take charge of their energy future. Members can own a share of their energy future knowing that they are helping create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their community.

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